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GSC stands out in the market because it has a structure that, independently and autonomously, can operate and customize its productions with the most varied techniques of printing or logging provided by leading companies in the field.

The types of logging from which you can choose are:


This is surely the oldest printing technique. Thanks to its versatility we use it to print the most part of our items.

Testing products directly in our factory, we can create inks for each kind of textiles. This technique is suitable for huge quantities becouse it allows an important money saving, even becouse GSC offers an internal graphic lab.


This way of printing is suitable for quick orders, samples and small quantities; in this case no cliches are needed and there are no limits to colours, with high resolution results.

Images are digitally printed on a special support with high fidelity to the original; then they are cutted and hot pressed to the fabric.


This is probably the most modern way of customization. Starting from a white base fabric it allows to print every kind of image, even photos.

Pictures are firstly printed with sublimatic inks on special paper, then transferred at about 200° with hot press machine: inks become coloured steams and deposit on textile’s fibers; that means very brilliant images, no surface relieves and long life.


Versatiliy is the main feature of this kind of customization, usually applied on leather, eco-leather or poliuretan-made fabrics.

With different cliches’ depth you can reach many different 3D effects and colours.


Maybe the oldest customization technique of all the times. This is surely the finest and most elegant way and this is why it is also the one with the highest economic impact.

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